Lindsey Du, Piano Instructor (China/U.K)

Born in China’s Henan province in 1990, Lindsey Du has had an interesting and diverse upbringing. It was as a young child in Henan province that Lindsey was first introduced to classical music. Her father, a Geologist, was often away on business, and it was whilst spending time at home alone with her mother that Lindsey began to take an interest in her mother’s music collection, mainly comprised of Western classical composers.

When Lindsey was very young her father took up a permanent position in the remote Qinghai Province, and relocated his family to the city of Golmud so that they could live together. At the age of five Lindsey began to express an interest in learning the piano herself, but it was not an easy task as it took almost six months for Lindsey’s mother to track down a piano teacher, the first and only teacher in the city at the time!

At the age of twelve Lindsey’s family was required to relocate yet again, this time to Tibet. Lindsey was forced to leave her friends behind and start afresh in a completely new environment. In the beginning, she found comfort in her piano. It was in her young teenage years that Lindsey’s passion for the piano really became apparent as, every day she lost herself in her playing, hours at a time. Constantly practicing by herself, without the aid of a piano teacher; surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a huge diversity of cultures and influences, Lindsey’s music began to really mature and develop in a more independent and exciting direction.

At fifteen, Lindsey moved away from her family to attend high school in Sichuan province’s capital city: Chengdu. Immediately at ease with the fast-pace, and the buzzing hustle and bustle of one of the largest cities in China; Lindsey began to develop her piano-playing ability and find new influences and styles in the melting pot in which she found herself.

It was whilst studying in Chengdu that she met with Prof. Jing Du of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music who was taken by her original and perceptive style of playing and offered her a scholarship at the conservatory. Through four years of hard study at the Conservatory, Lindsey was really able to organize, develop and expand her style and her music.

After graduation, Lindsey began work as a piano teacher in Shanghai, where she also began writing her own music and performing regularly at small venues around the city. In the last few years, Lindsey competed at the Zhongsin International Music Competition in Singapore, travelled to Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig with a group of students to partake in the LiuShiKun Summer Academy, performed at the Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival in Amsterdam, and organized the first Across Bridges Summer Piano Academy in Shanghai. In 2016 Lindsey relocated to London, where she currently lives and works as a composer, performer and teacher.